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Pre-school program

for 9 children, that we were preparing for entering the first class at primary school. The education was focused mainly on developing the vocabulary, mathematical imagination, basic shapes, and motorics.

At the end the kids presented to their parents what they had learnt and got nice certificates. The mothers and a grandmother were helping us during we were teaching the children, and so they could use what they saw and heard for teaching their kids at home. We had two volunteers helping us with pre-school program, misses Danková and Mojžišová, so we are very thankful for their help.

School program
for 11 children, it helped the children to use their free time meaningfully, by sharing God’s word, developing communication skills and practical skills, as was baking a cake with kids and others. The children liked weekend meeting in our church the most. The program was built by 6 active volunteers from the target group, which helps us to plan and organize some of the programs.

Sport activities
we did sport during school vacations, boys and girls both. We had a playground for ourselves, where we could do sports and play games together. Firstly, we thought that only boys know how to play football, but later we saw, how skillful girls we have. They handled even a job of goalkeeper. Besides exercising we practiced cooperation and patience.

Programs for families with loans
8 families got involved in solving their loans for house rent. They were under threat of leaving their living places, so with God’s help we helped them to increase their economical knowledge. The families still live in their flats. This work was hard especially because the families were diffident of us and it was hard to get all the information about their loans. Some of them didn’t even know, where they borrowed money and under what conditions. After this experience our workers admire all the families, which have to live with such a little money. All of the people would like to work if they have a chance.

Weekend meeting
the kids got it as a reward for regular attendance of our clubs and for regular school attendance and good grades. We were shopping together, cooking and making program. The children participated in all the activities. They could even cook, and not only girls, but boys as well. The most they enjoyed a trampoline in the church garden.

Christmas in Nádej deťom - Mikuláš
St. Nicholas Day – for children from Internátna 12 in a dropping centre called KOMPaS. Organization of a Christmas program started a few weeks sooner, when our volunteers -kids from Internátna made a program, that they prepared for their parents and friends. There were many people coming so there were hardly few places left in two rooms. The audience liked the program a lot and the kids were proud of their good job. At the end they got a sweet presents that purchased the city of Banská Bystrica. The program was for 67 people.

Christmas meeting
for children from Môlča in a house of culture. We, altogether with Samaritans´ Purse Organization, gave 62 presents to children by seeing a Christmas program of the children. We remembered that at Christmas we got a gift right form heavens, Jesus Christ. Teenagers from a band from Baptist church in Banská Bystrica – Ondrej Majer, Martinka Kondáčová and Ráchel Majerová helped us with the program. The program was watched by children’s parents and relatives.
Presents in families
we gave 10 presents to children in families we work with already long time. In these families we saw children enjoying the gifts, so they could feel real joy of Christmas.

Other activities through informational stalls
Day of the Roma with other Roma organizations, The City Days and a conference Viva Network, where we could present our organization and work.

Give a book
children from our target group get books through a community foundation Healthy City in Banská Bystrica already many years. Already many years nice people buy a book for poor children. Very often it is a first book they get.


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